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About SoA of TCU

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With the goal of fostering professional practice-oriented advanced talents who have sound foundation, comprehensive knowledge, excellent practical capability, high overall quality, spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, TCU adheres to its mission of leading the trend of urban and rural construction education in Tianjin. As the top research and teaching institution belongs to Tianjin offering undergraduate and postgraduate education in building industry, TCU School of Architecture was founded in 1982, including three departments, which are Architecture, Urban & Rural Planning and Landscape Architecture.

Beside focusing on undergraduate education, we are vigorously developing postgraduate education and gradually engaging in international education. We offer students numerous programme options to best purse their individual interests and goals. The architecture undergraduate programme and urban & rural planning undergraduate programmeisoffered with 5 years schooling, while the landscape architecture undergraduate programme with 4 years. In addition, we also offer three corresponding master degrees with 3 years schooling.

Our courses take a comprehensive artistic and social approach that also integrates much related branches of study. With the core of design studio, our study programmes are designed in close cooperation with relevant courses and taught by rich educational heritage and highly-qualified teachers with experience in relevant fields. Recently, most of our teachers own Master or PhD degree. In addition, we invite a great many experts who have strong influence in the field of teaching or design as part-time teachers or master tutors. Near 5000 students have graduated from our school, who are welcomed by various employers for their solid specialized knowledge, all round comprehensive qualities, strong working capacities and practical style of work, providing intelligent support and talent maintenance for urbanization and urban modernization in global professional market.

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